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Secret Society Comedy

October 1, 2022 At Mahall's Apartment
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Note: the lineup may have changed since this page was made

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Born and raised in Cleveland, John Armstrong has been doing comedy for 7 years. John has observational humor about current events, relationships, and family. A regular host at Cleveland Improv and Hilarities, also becoming a regular feature at Hilarities as well. John runs his own open show every other Thursday at Crobar.

John Armstrong
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Drew Miller is a veteran comedian and “crowd work connoisseur” from Akron, Ohio. He began his career around 8 years ago at a workshop at the Cleveland Improv, an awesome experience, in his opinion one of his best. A chance encounter landed him following SNL regular Jay Pharaoh in the lineup at Clevelands Hilarities for his second performance, a less enjoyable experience, one of his worst. Undeterred he began his formal education, studying acting at The Houde School of Acting in Ohio & acting and improv at The Improv Olympic Theatre and Second City in Chicago. He has appeared at many clubs across the country including The Funny Farm, Funny Bones in Toledo and Dayton, Hilarities, Pittsburgh Improv, Comedy Bar, Zanies, The Laugh Factory in Chicago, and is a regular at the Cleveland Improv. His home club is The Funny Stop, a criticality acclaimed comedy club located in his hometown, where he has regularly performed hosted and featured throughout his career from the early days to the present. When he’s not on the road you can catch him there, where he currently runs his Thursday night Crowd Control show, his own new twist on the open mic format that has proven to be a lot of fun for the comedians and audience alike.

Hannah Belmont.jpeg

Hannah Belmont is a stand-up comedian, improv performer, writer, and actor from the suburbs of Chicago. Hannah frequents comedy clubs all over the Midwest, mainly Chicago and its suburbs when she's at home and Cleveland when she's at school, including The Laugh Factory, the comedy shrine, CGs comedy club, and The Market Lounge. Hannah has been doing standup since June of 2021 and has hosted for open mics as well as for national touring comedians, including Bobby Collins and Raul Sanchez. She has also featured in several showcases throughout the midwest. She also hosted a show at the second annual Rubber City Comedy Festival and is set to be a featured performer in the second annual Sixth City comedy festival. She also produces shows throughout the Cleveland area and at the college she attends, Oberlin College. Hannah is very happy to be here.

Hannah Belmont
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Paul-Henry knows not why he tells jokes, only that he must tell them.

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Ray Hyclak has been a hanger-on to the Cleveland comedy scene since 2014 and has performed in cities such as Cleveland, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas (where his money still remains to this day).

Ray Hyclak
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Bryan Headshot.jpeg

Bryan Sternik is an up-and-coming Cleveland comedian whose conversational style and upbeat demeanor can make even his darkest jokes feel lighthearted. Bryan produces a monthly show at Dina's Pizza in Old Brooklyn, and co-produces Gratuity Not Included at Good Company, One More Joke at Judd's City Tavern, and Secret Society Comedy, a weekly pop-up comedy show. He is the co-host of "The Guiltless Podcast" and "Dude, Nobody Cares."

Bryan Sternik
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Kevin Morrison.jpeg

Kevin Morrison is a young-ish fresh face to the Cleveland comedy scene. He can be seen at the bar, or on stage at the bar and multiple comedy clubs across the state, and out of state as well. His views on society, and takes on cultural norms are something you don't want to miss. With looks of the first caveman to create fire Kevin is using his energetic stage presence to recreate the wheel. With insight on a wild life in the mid-west, a beard of the wild west and a demeanor of well, someone truly wild. He's looking to put on a show you'll soon not forget.

Kevin Morrison
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Gheramy is the owner and operator of Golden Ox Studio. He produces local favorite podcasts such as Shit Brains, Brett Talk, You Can't Laugh At That, Teach These Devils, and several more for the Golden Ox Network. He can be seen on comedy stages across the city and has recently performed in the Mutiny Radio Comedy Fest, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Sixth City Comedy Fest, and the Midwestern Queer Comedy Festival. Renowned failure and a well educated idiot whose only contribution to this world will be when he is no longer in it, Gheramy is not sorry that you wasted your time reading this bio. 

Gheramy Demery
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Open mic
Every Tuesday
Judd's City Tavern

Cleveland, OH
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Pop Up Comedy Showcase
Every Saturday
11:30 PM

Various Locations
Around Cleveland
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Six Course Comedy Dinner

Next Edition: 2nd Quarter 2022.
Location TBA
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