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Secret Society Comedy

February 4, 2023 At Mahall's
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Note: the lineup may have changed since this page was made

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A Cleveland favorite, Dave's off-the-cuff, off-the-wall style has gotten crowds off their seats at clubs and comedy festivals around Ohio.

Dave Flynt
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Zach Welch is a stand up comedian and inebriation enthusiast. Originally from Denver, he is now a proud resident of Cleveland, OH. Zach has performed on Crom Comedy Festival, Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival, the Portland Queer Comedy Festival, and High Plains Comedy Festival. He has also opened for James Adomian, Josh Blue, and Kyle Kinane.

Zach Welch
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Daniel P. Myers

Daniel P. Myers is, to put it simply, a bit of an outlier. Coined as "The Eccentric One" Daniel hails from...well parts unknown. He is one to stroll through the dirt paths in the deeply wooded areas of Ohio writing, collecting his thoughts and ruminating on another strange theory. Daniel enjoys hiking, biking and going on pilgrimages with an ever-expanding Rolodex of cults. His style of comedy is more akin to backwoods preacher than anything else, but never the less has performed all over Ohio from Cleveland to Youngstown to Akron and everywhere in between and even South Carolina. He has performed at the Funny Stop Comedy Club, the Hilton Head Comedy Magic Cabaret, the Cleveland Comedy Festival and at Hilarities including on the "Mike Polk Jr. Show" and probably his most breathtaking achievement of all, depending on who you ask he might have failed kindergarten. Don't worry he wont read this he's too busy sitting under a chestnut oak tree staring off into the distance contemplating who'd win in a bare-knuckle fist fight between Stalin and Hitler.

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Born and raised in the Bronx, Jake Velazquez started comedy in NYC in 2019. The son of a Jewish east village artist and a Puerto Rican renowned musician, his comedy consists of his unconventional upbringing, his divergent ethnicities and edgy observations that could only come from a seasoned New Yorker. Jake has been featured on New York Comedy Festivals Comics to Watch, Rogue Island Comedy Festival and Red Clay. He also performs around the country opening for Jordan Jensen.

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The Late Late Show With James Corden

Just For Laughs "New Face"

2021 “NY’s Funniest Stand Up” Winner at the NY Comedy Festival


Regular at The Comedy Cellar

Secret Drop-In
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Bryan Sternik is an up-and-coming Cleveland comedian whose conversational style and upbeat demeanor can make even his darkest jokes feel lighthearted. Bryan produces a monthly show at Dina's Pizza in Old Brooklyn, and co-produces Gratuity Not Included at Good Company, One More Joke at Judd's City Tavern, and Secret Society Comedy, a weekly pop-up comedy show. He is the co-host of "The Guiltless Podcast" and "Dude, Nobody Cares."

Bryan Sternik
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With a last name like that, Cleveland-based comic David Horning learned at a young age to lean into what bothers him using humor, and his comedy is a reflection of this. His optimistic slant on both mundane and heavy topics has gotten him selected to the New York Comedy Festival, Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, the Cleveland Comedy Festival, and on stages around the country. On top of stand-up, David teaches managers and executive teams to improve their workplace culture by developing their senses of humor, and he regularly appears on conference stages as the keynote speaker through his company, Water Cooler Comedy. He also produces several comedy shows around the Cleveland area and co-hosts the podcast “You Can’t Laugh At That,” which explores the psychology behind other comedians' jokes to prove why anything can be funny.

David Horning
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Gheramy is the owner and operator of Golden Ox Studio. He produces local favorite podcasts such as Shit Brains, Brett Talk, You Can't Laugh At That, Teach These Devils, and several more for the Golden Ox Network. He can be seen on comedy stages across the city and has recently performed in the Mutiny Radio Comedy Fest, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Sixth City Comedy Fest, and the Midwestern Queer Comedy Festival. Renowned failure and a well educated idiot whose only contribution to this world will be when he is no longer in it, Gheramy is not sorry that you wasted your time reading this bio. 

Gheramy Demery
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Open mic
Every Tuesday
Judd's City Tavern

Cleveland, OH
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Pop Up Comedy Showcase
Every Saturday
11:30 PM

Various Locations
Around Cleveland
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Five Course Comedy Dinner

Next Edition: 2/14/23At Heart Of Gold
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