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Secret Society Comedy

May 21, 2022 | The UnderDog At Happy Dog
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Lee Kimbrell

Hailing from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, Lee has called Cincinnati home for 6 years. He grew up listening to his family, and their odd assortment of ne'er-do-well associates, rattle off stories and street jokes far too crass for a young boy’s ears. He truly, deeply, sincerely, wants you to forget about your worries and live in the moment while watching him perform. He has opened for such comedians as Theo Von, Brian Regan, and Damon Wayans.

His debut comedy special “Mike and Molly” is currently streaming on Tubi. His set from “Stand-Up Live From Zanies!” is slated to drop on Peacock later this year.

He has “BFDBAD” tattooed on his arm. “Be Funny, Don’t Be a Dick”. That’s the mission. What a world!

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Carter is a comedian.

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Hanna Ljungholm is a standup comedian and yoga instructor in Cincinnati. At the end of the day, she wants her jokes to provide audiences with a new perspective and sense of levity.

Hanna Ljungholm
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Raj Suresh is a stand-up comedian who tells jokes about cats, being Indian, Adele and other redheads. His debut album, "Semi Famous", reached #2 on the iTunes comedy charts and #12 on Billboard. This year (and every year, really) he hopes to hang out with Coldplay (or Emma Stone), tell more jokes and hopefully lose his love for Whiteclaw/Fireball. 
Click here to listen to “Semi Famous'“ :
-Listen on Spotify
-Listen on Apple Music
-Buy digitally on iTunes and Google Play

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Bryan Sternik is an up-and-coming Cleveland comedian whose conversational style and upbeat demeanor can make even his darkest jokes feel lighthearted. Bryan produces a monthly show at Dina's Pizza in Old Brooklyn, and co-produces Gratuity Not Included at Good Company, One More Joke at Judd's City Tavern, and Secret Society Comedy, a weekly pop-up comedy show. He is the co-host of "The Guiltless Podcast" and "Dude, Nobody Cares."

Bryan Sternik
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1MJ Logo.png
Open mic
Every Tuesday . 9PM
Judd's City Tavern

Cleveland, OH
Gratuity Logo.png
Service Industry-Themed Comedy Showcase
Next Show TBA

Battery Park, Cleveland, OH
Secret Society Logo.png
Pop Up Comedy Showcase
Every Saturday
11:30 PM

Various Locations
Around Cleveland
Six Courses Logo.png
Six Course Comedy Dinner

Next Edition: 2nd Quarter 2022.
Location TBA
Glass House Logo.png
Monthly Comedy Show In A Club Setting
Ohio City, Cleveland, OH

Coming Summer '22
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