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Secret Society Comedy Presents

The Program:

7:30 PM @ Old River Tap & Social
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Lineups subject to change
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A comedian since 2013, Raj Suresh jokes about cats, India, and his comedy adventures in the US and abroad.

His new special, "Break The Leg", produced by Comedy Dynamics is now available on AppleTV, YouTube, Prime, Google Play and more.

He lives in NYC with his girlfriend and their cat, Mr. Jack.

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Joe Briggs is a standup comedian from Parma, Ohio. He once was described as “Joe! Mr. Bad boy! Mr. Troublemaker! Always wearing a leather jacket! Always riding a motorcycle! He lives on-the-edge in Danger Zone City! Yep, live fast, die young. Yep, that's Joe!” He is a regular at Hilarities and the Funny Stop, but you may have seen him doing shows all around the Midwest or NYC. He’s performed with Kyle Kinane, Brenden Eyre, Joe List & more. He went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with sketch comedy group Flamingo City, is the bassist in the Stepdads of Galway, and once performed an entire show about a local grocery store. He is very excited and nervous to meet you. He can't swim and is afraid of people who know what they want without looking at the menu first.

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We are a nomad comedy club, popping up at different venues around Northeast Ohio every weekend. Featuring local favorites, nationally touring headliners, and more, our mission is to get you in on the best-kept secrets in stand-up comedy. You never know who you'll see...
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Bryan Sternik is an up-and-coming Cleveland comedian whose conversational style and upbeat demeanor can make even his darkest jokes feel lighthearted. Bryan produces a monthly show at Dina's Pizza in Old Brooklyn, and co-produces Gratuity Not Included at Good Company, One More Joke at Judd's City Tavern, and Secret Society Comedy, a weekly pop-up comedy show. He is the co-host of "The Guiltless Podcast" and "Dude, Nobody Cares."

Bryan Sternik
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With a last name like that, Cleveland-based comic David Horning learned at a young age to lean into what bothers him using humor, and his comedy is a reflection of this. His optimistic slant on both mundane and heavy topics has gotten him selected to the New York Comedy Festival, Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, the Cleveland Comedy Festival, and on stages around the country. On top of stand-up, David regularly appears on conference stages as keynote speaker, teaching the value of humor in business to managers and executive teams across industries. He also produces Secret Society Comedy, a pop-up comedy club bringing the best up-and-coming comedians from around the country to Northeast Ohio.

David Horning
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Gheramy is the owner and operator of Golden Ox Studio. He produces local favorite podcasts such as Shit Brains, Brett Talk, You Can't Laugh At That, Teach These Devils, and several more for the Golden Ox Network. He can be seen on comedy stages across the city and has recently performed in the Mutiny Radio Comedy Fest, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Sixth City Comedy Fest, and the Midwestern Queer Comedy Festival. Renowned failure and a well educated idiot whose only contribution to this world will be when he is no longer in it, Gheramy is not sorry that you wasted your time reading this bio. 

Gheramy Demery
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Connor Stout is a rising Cleveland comic who has always wanted to perform. He has been call a “not as fat Seth Rogen” by a stranger in a bar once. He uses theatre-based charisma to talk about family, relationships, farts, and occasionally plays guitar while doing so.

Connor Stout
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Open mic
Every Tuesday . 10 PM
Judd's City Tavern

Cleveland, OH
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Pop Up Comedy Showcase
Every Saturday
11:30 PM

Various Locations
Around Cleveland
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Five Course Comedy Dinner

Next Edition: 2/14/24
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