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Helping Leaders "Think Like Comedians"

To Build Cultures Where People WANT To Work 

While Having Fun Doing It!


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Create A Standout Company Culture

American businesses lose an average of $480 -$600 billion annually because of employee disengagement. 

And businesses keep throwing money at the same tired team-building exercises and motivational speakers.

It's time to shake things up and try something new... and more human: making a sense of humor part of your culture.


Humor creates a more engaged, creative, happy, psychologically safe, resilient, and collaborative culture where people adapt to adversity faster, solve problems more effectively, and are excited to come to work.

Meaning lower turnover, increased buy-in and collaboration, AND you become an attractive destination for top talent.

A team that laughs together, kicks ass together.

And that's where we come in.

"In today's world, humor can be a powerful tool in the workplace, and David's presentation was not only highly effective but incredibly timely." - Robert Mayes (Greater Ann Arbor SHRM)



What's worse than a conference with a low-energy kickoff or a closing speaker with no clear call to action? David draws upon his 11+ years performing on conference and comedy club stages for a hands-on, high-energy approach that connects with all types of audiences across industries.  

Customized Corporate Comedy

Nothing builds trust between teams more quickly than letting loose and laughing together. Whether it's a holiday party, company anniversary, or another occasion, we work side-by-side with you to recreate a comedy club experience, no matter the venue.


Work 1-on-1 with David to explore new perspectives, uncover new questions, make new discoveries, and step outside of the status quo when it comes to addressing challenges, building trust with your team, and finding ways to innovate.


Improve your team's creative, communication, and collaboration skills with a variety of strategic workshops customized to YOUR specific challenges designed to create deeper connections, innovate problem-solving, and have fun learning to Think Like A Comedian, Collaborate Like An Improviser, and Act Like A Leader.

Kill Two Crowds With One Punchline:
Combine packages for discounted rates


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