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Every workplace should be one where people look forward to going.
(Whether remote, in-person, or everything in between.)

Let's Work Together To Make Your Event And Your Culture Stand Out, And Let's Have Fun Doing It


Book David Horning to set the tone at your next event with energizing, uplifting, and informative programs that will have your audience saying "I can't wait to come back next year!"

Book Water Cooler Comedy to create an immersive, shared experience that'll have everyone talking and laughing around the water cooler for years to come.

Book David Horning to get the most out of your team and make your workplace one where people are excited, engaged, and invested in your success. 

Hire David Horning for immersive, hands-on learning that blurs the line between work and fun, giving your managers the leadership tools that will make their teams more resilient, innovative, and productive.