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Every workplace should be one where people look forward to going.
(Whether remote, in-person, or everything in between.)


Work can really suck, but it doesn't have to be that way.

I mean really think about the last time you woke up Monday morning with the same enthusiasm as getting that first drink with your friends Friday night?

What if you could look forward to weekdays more than weekends?

What if you looked forward to coming to work more than leaving work?

What if the tool you could use to do this is right under your nose?

Hint: it's not your mustache

For too long, management styles have been focused on meeting quotas and checking off to-do lists. 

While this strategy generates short-term success, only focusing on these things actually hampers the long-term potential of your team and organization.


We believe your company can (and should) be a place people WANT to work.

So we teach managers how to create standout cultures that attract, engage, and retain top talent by using humor as a tool to improve problem-solving, deepen relationships, and boost productivity while having FUN doing it.


Let us bring the comedy to you, boosting morale by transforming your workspace into a comedy club with a fully produced, professional comedy show. 

Inspire a creative environment by making laughter a regular part of the workday.


Check out everything we do HERE

Not only does laughing as a team break down social barriers at work, it has the potential to:

  • Counteract stress-inducing cortisol with doses of dopamine, leading to fewer sick days

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve communication

  • Create a psychological connection to the company's cause

  • Enhance trust

  • Make leaders more effective at motivating employees

  • Positively impact shareholder returns

  • Provide healthier perspectives of problems

  • Generate creative solutions

  • Inspire a more collaborative spirit

  • Redefine your culture so people look forward to coming to work

You know what they say: "A team that laughs together kicks ass together." 

And by "they" we mean the CEOs who have made humor a part of their cultures, psychologists, neurologists, humor researchers, authors, and leadership experts, among others.

*They didn't actually say that word-for-word, but the experience they've had and the studies they've done have proven this time and time again.


Founder David Horning has always been passionate about making people laugh, which is why he has a degree in political science. Naturally, he began his comedy career in New York City, taking writing and improv classes at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre. After performing comedy around the city for two years, and producing "Laundry Day," a comedy show featured in the 2014 New York Comedy Festival, he became passionate about human behavior and inspiring others to be happy.


This prompted a move to Ohio to become a motivational speaker. 

His speaking career took him across the country, keynoting conferences from Idaho to Florida and beyond, and in his ventures he discovered a major problem: most people don't look forward to going to work.

This inspired David to begin researching the companies where employee retention, engagement, and productivity are high, and he found a common theme: these companies are not only open to having fun at work, it's a core part of their culture.


That's why he started Water Cooler Comedy in the spring of 2019.


From motivational keynotes delivered by comedians, to a fully produced comedy show for your team, to an innovative onboarding experience, to humor-based leadership coaching and beyond, David and Water Cooler Comedy are committed to transforming your workplace into one people look forward to coming to.


Because work is the time and place to laugh.  


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