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Want to set an exciting, uplifting, and energizing tone at your next seminar, conference, or annual meeting?

Looking to send the audience home with new ideas that'll have people chatting and laughing around the water cooler?

Tired of answering rhetorical questions?

Book David Horning to open or close your event with a powerful message and action steps that any audience can use to grow themselves, their careers, and their businesses. 

Challenge what you thought you knew about leadership, work, and the same old "Rah rah" motivational keynotes by booking a speaker who will have your audience saying "I can't wait to come back next year!"


Stand-Up And Lead:

6 Ways To Pivot Problems Into Punchlines


Life is going to hand you problems, those are your setups. It's up to you to come up with the solutions, those are your punchlines, and humor is the tool that helps connect the two. Solve problems and build stronger connections with your team and customers using the same skills a stand-up comedian uses to find the funny and connect with the audience. You don't even need to be funny to do it!

  • 10 stand-up comedy skills that will make you a better leader

  • Build resilience by thinking like a comedian

  • Embrace the lessons of failure like a leader


Lead With Laughs:

Use Humor To Put The 'Human' In HR

The workplace is changing, increasing workload, stress, and resistance to change in managers and HR departments around the world. As A.I., remote work, and the need for innovative teams transform what we think we know about work, there are three innately human skills that teams need in order to thrive in the 21st century workplace: resilience, creativity, and collaboration. Backed by case studies, and filled with hilarious stories about what NOT to do, you’ll learn how to create this shift in management strategy by utilizing a leadership tool that activates these skills: humor.

No joke.

  • 6 humor myths

  • 9 guidelines for incorporating humor into your workplace

  • Self-talk that creates an instant perspective shift 

Leadership Laugh Hacks:

12 Steps To Shift Stress Into Success


According to the American Institute Of Stress, American businesses lose an estimated $300 billion in lost productivity every year due to stress - and that was BEFORE a worldwide pandemic. Now we're staring down massive amounts of uncertainty, which seems even more stressful, but dealing with stress by trying to beat it leads to even MORE stress. What if I told you that the secret weapon for overcoming stress is to lean into it? You'd probably laugh at me, and that laughter can actually help you paint a clearer picture of what to do about stress, which is the first step in turning your stress into success.


  • 4 reasons why you feel stressed

  • The definition of humor as a strategic stress-solving skill

  • 12 simple steps for shifting stress into success