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Every workplace should be one where people look forward to going.
(Whether remote, in-person, or everything in between.)

Want Your Culture To Stand Out? You're In The Right Place

This is the home of innovative, motivating, HUMAN leaders determined to subvert the status quo of managing and reframe their mindsets and actions so that they create the productive, collaborative, and fun workplace culture they've always wanted.

Much better employees.

Much higher productivity.

Much bigger bottom lines.

As a leader in today's employee-driven market, you're facing a major crossroads: stay the course or create a stand-up culture.

You can keep doing what you've been doing - filling positions and checking boxes...


You can accelerate your mission, vision, and goals with intrinsically motivated, high energy employees that not only fit your culture, but they redefine it to serve not only your customers and clients at a much higher level, but each other. You can create strong loyalty and connections so that recruiting and retaining great people becomes built into everything your team does, giving you the time and energy to build your organization to levels you didn't think possible.

Corporate America and so-called experts keep pointing at higher pay and better benefits as the motivating factor behind employees looking for better work, but money is just a symptom of a deeper problem: their leaders don't spend the energy to cultivate a culture where people get EXCITED about work.

Now, you're throwing extra money at people who will ghost you at the first sign of a higher paycheck, and SHRM estimates that the cost of replacing a lost employee averages between 90-200% of that person's salary - ouch!

Or worse: you could have your disengaged, Negative Nancys hanging around, driving productivity and morale downward (Gallup estimates that disengaged employees cost American companies $480-$600 billion annually - double ouch!) 

The good news is that all it takes to flip the switch from a culture that is filled with employees there for "just another paycheck" to one where people WANT to contribute, is the conscious DECISION to change.

You can not only save five to seven figures annually in recruiting and onboarding, but you can GROW your bottom line exponentially with a reputation for having a culture that attracts, engages, and cares about the development of top talent.

It's time for you to get serious about becoming more than "just another company" and set yourself apart in a market that has been stuck in the status quo for too long.

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Outside-Of-The-Box Problems Call For Outside-Of-The-Box Thinking. 
Are You Ready To Get Comfortable Getting Uncomfortable?

We don't want to waste your time - we aren't for everybody.


If you're looking to maintain the status quo and throw money at building your culture, this isn't for you.

If you're not willing to put in the daily practice that it takes to create fundamental change to your management practices, this isn't for you.

If culture is a box to check and you're looking for a magic bullet rather than develop the MINDSET needed to cultivate a human-first work experience, this isn't for you.


If you're willing to learn to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable, this IS for you.

If you're open to making uncertainty and change a fun, rewarding adventure that drives you and your team to go to bat for one another and get results, this IS for you.

If you like to laugh and you believe that a workplace environment is better because of it, this is DEFINITELY for you.

If This Sounds Like You, You Just Found What You've Been Looking For

We install, in your business, the Stand-Up Culture System.

A proven model for high-performing leaders who are committed to attracting and engaging top talent to perform at a high level, so you get higher productivity and bigger bottom lines, all while having fun doing it.


We want to make your culture undeniable.


Imagine a team filled with people who leave their coworkers, clients, and customers feeling better than they did when they arrived.

This outside of the box leadership strategy gets results, too. When implemented effectively, after our eight-week, hands-on program, you can expect to see:

  • Improved communication

  • Deeper connection and trust sharing ideas

  • Better productivity

  • Formulas for more innovative problem-solving 

  • And more!

All leading to higher retention rates and recruiting success.

To experience what it might be like to work together, I recommend that you schedule a zero-cost brainstorming call with David personally. There is no charge, but you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be driven, ready to grow, and willing to take instant action on our recommendations.

  • You must be open to challenging and changing "the way we've always done it."

  • You must do the work assigned each week in order to generate the outcomes this program promises.

If this sounds like you, let's schedule a call where we'll:

  • Discuss your company, team, or career goals

  • Reflect on where you are currently

  • Discover the roadblocks getting between you and your goals

  • Demonstrate what it might be like to work with us

  • Evaluate you to determine if your organization fits our guidelines for new clients.

Meet David Horning
Founder / Chief Experience Officer

Driven by laughter, David Horning is a 8-year keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, comedian, and founder of Water Cooler Comedy. David is also the creator of the 8-week intensive leadership program "Think Like A Comedian, Act Like A Leader, Create A Stand-Up Culture," where he teaches managers to connect with their teams using the same skills stand-up comedians use to connect with an audience: empathy, curiosity, confident vulnerability, and more.

Through his programs, David has helped managers create dynamic cultures that rise above the competition to attract, engage, and retain top talent by innovating problem-solving, building organizational trust, and laughing together (you read that right) to boost productivity.

Put simply, David can help you make your company a place where people WANT to work.

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David's advice has helped us to maintain our morale and  engage both employees and clients...

Not only highly effective, but incredibly timely.

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Wonderful training session. I enjoyed the time getting to know my colleagues a bit better and I think this helped Raganites connect on a deeper level than a normal workday might allow.

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David took the time to walk me through some of the challenges I'm dealing with and provided some insight on how to improve the communication with a fellow manager. Together, we were able to find a solution and share a virtual high five.


Attract and engage top talent to perform at a high level, so you get higher productivity and bigger bottom lines, all while having fun doing it.

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